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Saving time and gaining work pleasure through paperless meetings with Indeqa


About SGP

The Reformed Political Party is an orthodox Calvinist political party in the Netherlands. The SGP is the oldest political party in the Netherlands.

Interview with Johan van Berkum

Johan van Berkum is director of the SGP Party Office in the Netherlands; the department that supports local electoral associations and departments. Examples include offering training courses and supporting member recruitment at local and provincial level.

SGP 445 x 271

Challenge : Professionalize the way meetings are held 

In early 2015, the collaboration with Indeqa began from the perspective of the need to further professionalize meetings.

In the run-up to Board meetings, our management assistant spent a day copying and sending the documents that were to be dealt with. We are talking about large packages of paper.

Solution : Meetings 3.0. via Indeqa

Indeqa is a Microsoft Office 365 based meeting solution. This makes paperless meetings a fact.

Ever since we started using Indeqa, the preparation itself has become a lot more efficient: I deliver the necessary files in the morning and the same morning everyone digitally receives the meeting attachments. Our management assistant does the preparatory work: she shares the meeting attachments and makes appointments in the digital agenda. For her, the turnaround has been greatest. She now fills the hours she spent on copying with more inspiring work. Her job satisfaction has increased enormously, which is perhaps even more important than the saving in time. It is easy that we can make digital notes in the application. It also fits seamlessly with our existing Microsoft environment.

Result : Good and quick feedback for a pleasant collaboration

Johan van Berkum is also very pleased with the support:

As a small customer of Indeqa's services, we are nevertheless taken seriously. We had a comment on usability: when we opened a meeting attachment during the meeting, the agenda automatically jumped back to the beginning. That was annoying, because our agendas always cover several pages. They have changed this in the new update. We always receive a response to questions or remarks within one day - and often directly as well. It is not technology that is the first priority at Indeqa, but the user's wishes.

Lianne Weerheim SGP portret-1
Lianne Weerheim
Management Assistant at the SGP

The story of Lianne

A simple change in working methods can make a big difference in your job satisfaction. Management assistant Lianne Weerheim is still experiencing this. A few years ago, she worked a full day's work in a warm copy room before every board meeting to provide all board members with the necessary documents. Nowadays she uses Easy2Meet and fortunately that is no longer necessary.  

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