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Service Level Agreement


Under the agreement with Indeqa B.V. (hereinafter: E2M) for the use of Indeqa® software, the Customer is entitled to maintenance and support, as further described in this SLA.

Notification of incidents and/or the need for service(s) must always be reported via the support desk. Reports can be divided into three categories:

  • Incidents - Indeqa® does not work (anymore), is not working properly and/or is working differently than based on the specification and last release notes could be expected.
  • Questions - Clarification about the use of Indeqa®.
  • Changes - Suggestions or requests for changes in functionality.

When it comes to the handling of incidents, this is done on the basis of qualification/prioritization by the service coordinator of Indeqa as described below.


Indeqa can be reached on working days from 8.00 - 17.00 CET.

Reporting procedure

Registration of incidents should take place via the support page on the website of Indeqa. Via the wizard, the report is concretized, after which a ticket is created. After qualification (see below), the ticket will be processed and the Customer will be kept informed of its further progress.


If there is an incident, it is qualified as follows:

  • High - There is a critical/business critical situation. This means that Indeqa® is no longer functioning at all and a workaround is not possible according to Indeqa.
  • Average - The situation is annoying. This means that Indeqa® partially stopped functioning. Working with Indeqa® is still possible, but it takes some effort or requires some concessions. According to Indeqa, a workaround is available/possible.
  • Low - There are slight obstructions. This means that users can work less efficiently. According to Indeqa, a workaround is not relevant or adds little to it.

This qualification takes place within two working hours. On the basis of this qualification, the processing takes place as follows:

  Analysis & solution  Solution(target) time
Hoog < 4 working hours < 16 working hours
Gemiddeld < 8 working hours < 5 workdays
Laag < 5 workdays to be planned in a new release


For the purposes of qualification/prioritization, this will apply:

  1. The Customer must provide complete information of the incident. When there is a waiting period for the supply of necessary additional information it will influence the above mentioned solution times.
  2. When, after analysis, it appears that a reported incident is caused by external factors, the time spent for the analysis can be charged at current rates.
Furthermore, incidents caused by malfunctions of the hosting platform (Azure/Office365) fall outside the sphere of influence of Indeqa and are dealt with on the basis of the applicable provisions.


Microsoft Office 365

Indeqa® runs on the Microsoft Office 365 tenant of the client. For optimal operation, Indeqa® depends on the availability and performance of that environment.

Microsoft Azure

In addition to the installed environment, parts of Indeqa® run on Microsoft Azure. For this purpose Supplier has an SLA with Microsoft for a monthly availability of at least 99.95%. This SLA with Microsoft Azure applies one on one.